Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Prairie Rose Doula Services is run by Certified Birth Doula & Breastfeeding Counselor Brenna Jaycock. Prairie Rose Doula Services was born out of a love for babies, pregnancy and child birth. Providing support, knowledge, encouragement and help through an exciting and intimate journey! 

*COMING SOON: Certified Postpartum Doula & Childbirth Education Services*

What our happy clients are saying….

“Doula- Throughout my pregnancy Brenna and I were able to have precious conversations about “birth dreams/goals” so when I got to labor, I could focus on birthing my baby while my awesome Doula handled the questions. Leading up to my labor Brenna was so supportive with answering my questions and concerns, especially around my round ligament and sciatic pain. She found me great exercises, stretches and yoga videos to help! Brenna shared new positions to labor in that made me feel comfortable and confident to get out of the bed and use the ball (my previous labor I stayed in bed and had much more intense and painful contractions). These positions Brenna showed me, as well as breathing techniques made my pain from contractions way more manageable. As much of a support as my husband was for me, I relied on Brenna to help direct him to help me and I felt much more supported by him because of this! Massagers and massage balls were brought to the hospital by Brenna, she showed my husband and massaged for labor pain management and relax my muscle spasms! I went into this delivery with anxiety from my last delivery not going smoothly (I didn’t have a doula). With Brenna’s help, I was ready for delivery, my mind and my body were much more confident, calm and reacted much different then my previous. No tearing. No pain meds and I very healthy and happy Baby and Mom! 10/10 Experience.”

-Janelle & Scott A.


“My husband and I can’t say enough about how Brenna did thru the whole labour!!! She was on the entire time and was there when we needed her. It was a true comfort to have her with us. Even after Holt was born she was there every step of the way. I so highly recommend her if you are expecting or planning to have a baby or two 😊”

-DJ & Brett H.


“Delivering during a pandemic was never my idea when my husband and I got pregnant. We were blessed to find Brenna and have her help us through our journey! Of course with Covid, things were a little different than normal, I was only allowed one support person and that made things tough! Brenna took the challenge like a champion. She created a guide book for my husband (it was dummy proof thank goodness!), she was there with any questions and “I think I’m having contractions.” When it came time to deliver she was still available to me and still checked up on me! I know that if I have questions or need anything that I can ask her for anything, with a timely and positive reply/help. I cannot say how truly grateful we are to have had Brenna as our doula!!”

-Jelena M.


“Breastfeeding- having Brenna as my Doula and Breastfeeding Counsellor helped me with the detrimental first latches in the hospital, which was amazing because my beautiful baby has a small tongue tie and high palette which made latching more tricky. Following up with breastfeeding, I had questions even though this was my second, her latch was so different and she got a lot of air making her gasy and uncomfortable after feedings. Brenna sent me videos on how to help relieve gas and different breastfeeding positions for her tongue tie and high palette so she didn’t suck as much air and got a tighter seal. I was thrilled with Brenna’s timely help because my Doctor and nurses had referred us to a consultant to clip her tongue tie… even with covid-19, Brenna’s help with positions, proper latch, relieving gas ect, we were able to eliminate the need for the tongue clipping appointment and our Doctor was so impressed with how well my baby moves her mouth and has tongue control. This wouldn’t have been the case without Brenna’s help. Brenna guided me to practice making different faces like sticking my tongue out and popping sounds with my tongue so my baby would copy me and help build (along with breastfeeding) and stretch her mouth and tongue muscles to help with her high palette and tongue tie. Brenna was so easy to work with over the phone, video conferencing and face to face, I always felt confident in the information she gave me. If there were ever questions she didn’t know the answer off hand, she always got back to me quickly and with information and options to try. I am so grateful we had her as our breastfeeding counsellor! Best experience 10/10. 

-Janelle A. 


“I don’t think I will be needing a birth Doula at this time.
I would consider having another baby just to work with Brenna!
She is kind, compassionate and a momma herself. If you are looking towards using a doula in your upcoming birth – check out her services.
I am so excited for her new venture and I know she will be an amazing part of a welcoming a new baby!

-Nicole L.